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Song Creation in lockdown

Yes - it’s been a year. for many, one they’ll be glad to forget. However, behind the tragedies and grim headlines, the world has found new and innovative avenues of expression.

Digital collaboration has become a by-word for many musicians who are driven to produce music as part of a collective. File sharing platforms from Dropbox through to WeTransfer are busily distributing sound and video information to the creators and inspired visionaries of the music culture.

mobiUS was created on this approach and has ridden the crest of the wave of distance collaborative music production.

we fell into the same pattern for all of our music, and one that we are refining with every track.

Firstly, an embryo of an idea was teased out and developed on keyboards. Virtual instruments from a sample drum track through to synth guitars were put down in Logic Pro x along with a rough vocal track. This was distributed to Andy Clifton our drummer as a .wav, who laid down a proper beat in his DAW. This along with the keys track was then passed to the Bass player Alistair McCaig as a .wav who recorded his tracks. we then had a rock steady backbone to overlay guitar vocals effects and additional keyboard fills.

all these stems were mixed together in Logic by me (Tim) before being sent to Al for mastering.

Good result all round!

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